Claim a refund

If your Council Tax account is in credit, you can ask for a refund. Everyone who is named on the Council Tax account must agree to the refund request.

Your account could be in credit because you've:

  • paid too much
  • moved to another address and closed your Council Tax account
  • been awarded a discount or an exemption
  • been awarded Council Tax Support
  • had a change to your Council Tax band

Evidence for your claim

Sometimes you'll need to supply extra proof when you send your claim.

If any of your most recent payments in the last 6 months were made by telephone, debit card or credit card, you'll need to send us a copy of your bank or credit card statement. You can blank out everything except your name, address, sort code, account number and the council tax transactions.

If someone has died

If the person named on the Council Tax bill has died, you should supply proof of probate to your claim.

Before you start

You’ll need your Council Tax account number.

You can find your Council Tax account number on your Council Tax bill. If you pay by direct debit, you'll find your Council Tax account number next to any Council Tax payment on your bank statement. If you still cannot find it, contact us.

Make sure you have any documents needed for proof.

Claim a Council Tax refund

You are not required to submit a Council Tax Refund Application to claim to the Government Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme payment of £150.

We are currently developing our scheme for making these payments. If you are eligible, we will be in touch with you shortly about the process to claim your Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme payment.

What happens next

We pay refunds into the bank account of the person named on the Council Tax bill.

If you pay by direct debit, we will refund the payment to the bank account it came from.