Pre-Consultation: Have your say on Lambeth Council’s Polling District & Stations Review

We want your views on our current polling districts and stations. The pre-consultation period runs from 27 September to 15 October. Please share your views with us by email or by attending one of our drop in sessions.

Open date: Monday, 27 September 2021 at 1.00pm Close date: Friday, 15 October 2021 at 11.59pm Type: Consultation Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide Category:
  • Voting and elections

Please note this consultation is closed

Pre-Consultation: Have your say on Lambeth Council’s Polling District & Stations Review 

On 14 September, The Local Government Boundary Commission England (LGBCE) published the Final Recommendations Report in which they propose an entire restructure of the borough’s wards boundaries and names. The Report will now sit in Parliament, their final decision due later this year. A copy of the new wards and a report summary can be found here.

As a result, and in accordance with the requirements of the Representation of the People Act 1983, and the Electoral Administration Act 2013, Lambeth Council will be carrying out a statutory review of polling districts and polling places within the London Borough of Lambeth. Lambeth will carry out this review between 29 Oct to 30 Nov. 

In advance of the formal consultation we are conducting a Pre-Consultation Period (27 September to 15 October). As a result of the new wards, this review will result an entirely new set of Polling District Boundaries. We are also reviewing all our existing polling stations and are considering a range of potential new venues. Therefore, the Council is seeking views of all Lambeth residents, particularly disabled residents, community organisations, and council members alike on the current polling districts and polling places. A copy of the current arrangements can be found here.

The current arrangements for Borough of Lambeth are 90 polling districts and 135 polling stations.

Persons or bodies making suggestions or comments should, if possible, give alternative venues that may be used as polling stations.

Suggestions and comments will be published along the Scheme Report which will state the Council’s proposed polling districts and polling places. This is due to be published late October 2021 and will launch a Formal Consultation Period.

Next steps after Pre-Consultation closes

Thank you for your feedback regarding Lambeth’s Polling Places & Stations. We greatly appreciate it. This Pre-Consultation period will last until the 15th of Oct. Through this period, we will collate feedback from stakeholders.

Once the Pre-Consultation period is over, the feedback provided will be assessed to create The Lambeth Council Scheme Report which will be published late October.

A Formal Consultation period will commence on 29 Oct once the Scheme Report has been published. All stakeholders and borough residents will be notified beforehand.

How to respond

The Electoral Services Team will be hosting drop-in sessions (30 mins) and encourage all persons and bodies with feedback or questions to drop by or call in.

We will be available in to meet in-person at Lambeth Town Hall or have a virtual call via TEAMS. Sign up to attend a drop-in session on

  • 28 September
  • 30 September
  • 5 October
  • 7 October
  • 12 October
  • 14 October

You may also send us your feedback via email to by 15 October.

Please click here to book a drop-in session via eventbrite. Upon booking, please let us know if you would like an in-person session or virtual call.