Have your say on the installation of rising bollards at Oakwood Drive

We want your views on our proposals to install two rising bollards, one at each end of Oakwood Drive. The consultation runs from 11 April to 22 May. Please share your views with us by completing the online survey or by completing the hand-delivered survey to your door.

Open date: Monday, 11 April 2022 at 9.00am Close date: Sunday, 22 May 2022 at 11.59pm Type: Consultation Neighbourhood: Norwood Categories:
  • Housing
  • Streets, roads and transport

Please note this consultation is closed

Background / Purpose

As you will be aware, Central Hill Estate is a target for illegal fly-tippers who frequently dump large amounts of rubbish onto the estate. More often than not, the rubbish is dumped by people who do not live on the estate.

We have added some mobile CCTV cameras to certain hot-spots. Whilst these cameras can lead to penalty fines for offenders, they can not prevent illegal fly-tippers from entering the estate.

Many of the biggest rubbish dumps have been along the Prospect blocks on Oakwood Drive, which is the road that runs through the estate and is currently accessible to anyone.

By installing a rising bollard at each end of Oakwood Drive and introducing a fob entry system for valid car users who live on the estate, we can prevent unauthorised vehicles from accessing Oakwood Drive.

We hope that this action will greatly reduce the amount of fly-tipping on the estate. It would also mean that we can move some of the mobile cameras onto other parts of the estate which are still being impacted by fly-tipping.

If the bollards are installed, there would be no cost to tenants or leaseholders.

If a majority of residents are in favour of having the bollards installed, we will move ahead with this immediately and will write to you regarding arrangements to collect your access fob(s), should you require one.

Next steps

Once the consultation is complete, we will publish the results here with the outcome.

How to respond

Please share your views by completing our online survey:

Rising Bollards Survey

You can also share your views by completing the survey which will be delivered to your door and follow the instructions on how these will be collected.