Support for Community Early Help Partners

Partners can share and access a wide range of information, advice and guidance, support and resources to effectively support families as part of a capacity building approach.

The Partnership meetings

The purpose of the meetings is to provide a space for partnership organisations to connect and collaborate at a local level. The overall aim is to build upon the existing strengths and resilience of partnership organisations to effectively meet the diverse range of needs and improve outcomes for children, young people and families within the community.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic these were known as Locality Action Panels (LAP’s). In response to the pandemic there was a review of the LAP’s to ensure these spaces were responsive to the needs of partnership organisations and were redefined as Partnership Meetings.

How it's achieved

By upholding shared values that incorporate and reflect the principles and requirements of the Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) guidance.

Partnership organisations are able to share key information about their current offer and resources to children, young people and families. This has been vital during the pandemic due to the significant and varying impact upon the delivery of services throughout this period.

By identifying emerging thematic issues that are impacting upon children, young people and families in order to develop collaborative responses to these at an early intervention level across the partnership.

By identifying partnership organisations training needs in relation to working with children, young people and families to further develop partners knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively support and safeguard families.

By building links and offering networking opportunities for partners to work together independently of Community Early Help.

Early help toolkit

You can download a copy of the full early help toolkit, or individual parts from the download section below.

Download a copy of the full early help toolkit

How to access the community early help offer

Practitioners working with families in Lambeth can access the offer by:

Referrals for early help support can be made by completing the multi-agency referral form for early help or child protection


  • Azza Hassam - Early Help Specialism and Partnership Manager

To contact the team, email or call 020 7926 9079.