Keeping your child a healthy weight

Lambeth Public Health carries out comprehensive healthy weight programmes to support children and their families to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

These programmes include services to both prevent and manage excess weight.

If you require support, please contact:

The Lambeth Specialist Healthy Weight Nurse

  • The specialist nurse is part of the wider school nursing team and can provide support to children and their families around weight issues.
  • The nurse can also signpost to appropriate services.
  • You can contact the nurse on: 0203 049 5113 or 077 7630 2483, or by email at:

Self-referral Level 2 Children’s Weight Management Service (Ready Steady, Go!)

  • Ready Steady, Go! supports overweight and obese children (aged 4-12 years old) and their families to achieve a healthy weight.
  • The programme is pre-paid by the local authority and therefore free for Lambeth children and families.
  • It runs for 10-12 weeks and each session is two hours in duration. The session is made up of a family nutrition workshop, followed by a group discussion for the adults and physical activity for the children.
  • You can self-refer to this programme by phoning: 020 7926 0619 or emailing:

Lambeth Level 3 Specialist Weight Management Service

  • This is a specialist healthy weight service for overweight and obese children aged 4-12 years.
  • It is delivered by a multi-agency team consisting of a community paediatrician, dietician, physical activity facilitator and a family therapist.
  • This is a referral-only service via the Specialist Healthy Weight Nurse.
  • You can contact the nurse on: 0203 049 5113 or 077 7630 2483, or by email at:

Where else you can get help

Many parents have found useful tips to help them make small lifestyle changes to keep their child in the healthy weight range on the Change4Life website.

You can also find useful tips and information on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight by visiting the NHS Choices website.

Some parents also find it helpful to keep track of their child's growth by rechecking their child's BMI to see if they have moved towards a healthier range as they grow. You can do this using the NHS healthy weight calculator.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your child’s weight, contact your school nurse on 0203 049 4777, or your General Practitioner (GP).