Who can apply

You can apply if your organisation (and any partner) is a:

  • registered charity
  • constituted voluntary or community group, organisation or club
  • community interest company (CIC)
  • company limited by guarantee (non-profit).
  • local, not-for-profit community or voluntary organisation.
  • individuals starting community engagement activities, including those that builds community resilience.
  • have been in existence for at least one year (except for when start-up assistance is requested).
  • have a written approved constitution or governing documents or need support to create those, or other form of governance and accountability structure.
  • are primarily led by volunteers.
  • have a named bank account.

You can’t apply if your organisation (and any partner) is:

  • a sole trader
  • generating profits for private gain

You must also meet the following criteria to apply:

  • the primary contact has the authority to act on behalf of the organisation/club.
  • your activity must be of benefit to Lambeth residents.
  • your organisation has at least two unrelated people on the board or committee.
  • you have a UK bank account in your organisation’s name.
  • you produce and can provide annual accounts or if you are less than 18 months old you will need to can provide draft accounts and a financial forecast.

We will not fund:

•  activities that promote the adoption of a particular faith or religion

•  activities that promote or oppose any political parties or cause

•  activities that create unmitigated adverse impact on any protected characteristics and where access may be restricted on the basis of any of those protected characteristics

Changing Lives opportunities

We're working with our private sector contractors to build our programme of opportunities. Watch this space for more information or contact us at changinglives@lambeth.gov.uk