Our approach

We believe in the power of Lambeth people coming together to help solve the most important social, economic and environmental challenges facing our communities today. From tackling the rising endemic of youth violence to reducing carbon emissions we know we can do this together.  To help unlock this collective power, we want to provide individual residents and community groups with the opportunities and support they need to better themselves and help others by co-creating solutions that benefit the wider community. 

That’s why we created Changing Lives, which is an exciting new social value programme built on partnerships between Lambeth Council and the private sector companies that we buy in to provide services to residents, on our behalf.

Changing Lives will transform the way the council buys services and works with our private sector partners by making sure we’re doing business with companies who want to be involved in our communities and give something back to Lambeth’s residents.

This means that we’re getting much more for every pound we spend because companies who want to win our contracts must offer social value opportunities for residents and or make a financial contribution towards improving the wellbeing and economic success of our residents.

How does it work?

There are two ways that companies contribute to Changing Lives:

Social Value ‘in Kind’

This could include offering work experience placements to local school children, volunteering hours, offering local apprenticeships, buying from local SMEs, promoting opportunities for disadvantaged groups, running events or initiatives with local schools/community groups in the borough about reducing waste and tackling climate change. 

Social Value Fund

Contributing a percentage of the overall contract value to the Council’s Social Value Fund

We are already working with over 20 companies who have won contracts with the council through our new buying process and are committed to delivering social value.