Request a food hygiene rating revisit

As a food business operator, you have a right to request a revisit from a food hygiene officer to re-rate your business on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, if you have taken action to improve any issues found during the original inspection.

Download and complete

Who can use this service?

Food business operators, who have a right to request a re-visit for the purposes of re-rating.

You can:

  • make one request for a re-visit for each planned statutory inspection by the local authority
  • make this at any time after the statutory inspection as long as you have made the required improvements.

Costs for this service

The cost for the re-rating is £255.

What you need to know...

You must provide details of the improvements you have made with your request. This should include supporting evidence, where appropriate.

Return your form

After completing the form return it with the supporting evidence, by post or by email to:

  • Address: Mina Mistry, Food Health and Safety Manager, London Borough of Lambeth, Food Health and Safety Team, PO Box 734, Winchester, Hants SO23 5DG
  • Email:

Next steps

We will make an unannounced visit if:

  • we think that you have provided sufficient evidence that the required improvements have been made
  • a three-month ‘stand still’ period has passed since the statutory inspection.

This will take place either within:

  • three months of the end of the three-month stand still period
  • three months of the request if this is made after the stand still period. If you were only required to make permanent structural improvements or repairs or to upgrade equipment, we can choose to carry out the requested re-visit sooner than this.

The local authority officer will give you a new food hygiene rating based on the level of compliance that is found at the time of the re-visit.

Be aware that your rating could go up, down or remain the same.