Register for business rates

How to register online and what you need to have to hand when you apply.

Do it online

Register for business rates

Before you register

It is useful for you to have the following information to hand before you complete the register for business rates form:

  • The address of the business property you are or will be occupying.
  • Your company name and, if a limited company, the company registration number and registered office address.
  • Your contact details (address, phone numbers and email address),
  • Your legal interest in the property, for example, owner, tenant, licensee and the date this interest started,
  • Whether you are leasing or renting the property and your landlord's details.
  • The date you started trading.

Please allow 10 working days for your account to be set up. It may be necessary for us to come back to you and request a copy of your lease in order to register you.