Business parking

A business parking permit lets you park in business parking spaces and certain shared-use parking spaces in Lambeth. You can get permits for a single controlled parking zone or for all zones.

To apply for a business parking permit, your:

  • business must be based in the controlled parking zones where the permit is valid
  • vehicle must be used and insured for business purposes.

You can use different forms to apply for a teacher or doctor parking permit.

Where you can park with this permit

There are two types of permit. You can buy a permit for a single controlled parking zone, or one that covers all controlled parking zones in Lambeth. Check the controlled parking zones in Lambeth.


A permit for a single controlled parking zone costs £645.12 for 12 months.

A permit for all controlled parking zones in Lambeth costs £1612.80 for 12 months.

Before you start

You’ll be asked to set up an account on the Lambeth parking website using an email address and password.

You'll need to upload a copy of:

  • your current business rates bill
  • a valid insurance certificate for your vehicle.

Apply for a business parking permit

What happens next

We'll send your permit by post. This can take 10-14 working days to arrive.

Before your permit arrives, you can print a two-week temporary permit to display on your vehicle.

Problems with applying

If you’re having problems with applying, contact the parking team.