Apply to be a food market trader

Use this guide to help you find out what you need to do to become a licensed food market trader and the legal requirements that you must consider.

Health and safety

Fire hazards

All combustible materials that could promote fire spread need to be identified and stored away from any ignition source. Structures, curtains and drapes should be treated with a flame retardant and appropriate fire extinguishers must be provided and checked every 12 months. The following is required:

  • For stalls cooking food, you need 4kg of dry powder or four litres of foam. If deep fat frying is taking place, it is recommended that you fit a flame failure device and also a suitable fire blanket.
  • For stalls with generators or electrical equipment, you need 4kg of dry powder or carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • For stalls not cooking food, you will need 4.5 litres of water.

Traders should undertake a fire risk assessment to ensure that appropriate fire safety equipment is available for the size and nature of their business activities.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Gas fixtures and systems require appropriate certification from a competent person who is gas safety registered for LPG commercial appliances. Gas appliances should be checked routinely. Please note that traders wishing to use LPG must provide evidence of their LPG certification before they are permitted to trade at a Lambeth event or market. Gas safe registered engineers can be found via the gas safety registerĀ (see the link on section 3(h) of the questionnaire). Please note that the engineer must be registered to work on non-domestic mobile catering appliances.

Cooking equipment must be sited to the rear of the side of the stallĀ on stable ground, with barriers to protect the public from burns and flame. Barbecues, if permitted, must be sited away from any flammable material.

Please note that the use of charcoal is restricted on some sites in Lambeth, and the possibility of using it should be discussed directly with the relevant market or event organiser.