Apply for a premises licence

A premises licence is a permanent licence granted in respect of a specific location. It authorises the licence holder to carry on a combination of licensable activities.

Cumulative Impact Zone — Clapham High Street

A special licensing policy on cumulative impact covers part of Clapham High Street. This creates a ‘rebuttable presumption’ of refusal to applications for new premises licences or club premises certificates or variations to existing licences.

What this means is that applications for licences within the defined area will normally be refused unless the applicant can demonstrate, within their operation schedule and to our satisfaction, that there will be no negative cumulative impact on the licensing objectives.

However, residents, local businesses and responsible authorities still need to make representations in relation to applications they have concerns for. If a satisfactory application does not receive any representations, it will automatically be granted.

Current licence holders within the defined area are not affected, unless a licence holder seeks to vary their licence in a manner that would cause negative cumulative impact.