Business rates data

Information about rateable value, business rates and reliefs as they relate to businesses in Lambeth. Find below some data applying to a number of categories of business rates in Lambeth.

Business rates accounts in Lambeth

Gives details of Lambeth's business rates accounts, their registered addresses, what the rates are paid on, and their start date.

Business rates - mandatory reliefs

Data providing information about businesses currently in the borough which are receiving, or have received, one or more business rate reliefs. If more than one relief has been allowed, there will be a line in the list for each relief (this means that the business will have more than one entry in the list).

Business rates - discretionary relief

Data providing information about current business rate accounts where the account holder is receiving discretionary rate relief under the council’s policy. The amount of relief allowed is expressed as a percentage of the payable rates before relief.

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xlsx Business rates all properties - 2020/21 Q2 448.51 KB
xlsx Business rates discretionary relief - 2020/21 Q2 16.57 KB
xlsx Business rates mandatory reliefs - 2020/21 Q2 176.37 KB
xlsx Business rates small business rate relief - 2020/21 Q2 235.39 KB
xlsx Business rates all properties - 2020/21 Q1 447.38 KB
xlsx Business rates discretionary relief - 2020/21 Q1 15.75 KB
xlsx Business rates mandatory reliefs - 2020/21 Q1 166.4 KB
xlsx Business rates small business rate relief - 2020/21 Q1 237.69 KB
csv Business rates all properties - 2019/20 quarter three 765.47 KB
csv Business rates discretionary relief - 2019/20 quarter three 9.89 KB
csv Business rates mandatory reliefs - 2019/20 quarter three 333.01 KB
csv Business rates small business rate relief - 2019/20 quarter three 403.07 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2019_20_Q2.xlsx 468.89 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2019_20_Q2.xlsx 244.63 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2019_20_Q2.xlsx 165.24 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2019_20_Q2.xlsx 15.15 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2019_20_Q1.xlsx 463.68 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2019_20_Q1.xlsx 241.39 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2019_20_Q1.xlsx 156.04 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2019_20_Q1.xlsx 15.17 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2018_19_Q4.xlsx 239.8 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2018_19_Q4.xlsx 143.53 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2018_19_Q4.xlsx 17.36 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2018_19_Q4.xlsx 417.5 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2018_19_Q3.xlsx 155.9 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2018_19_Q3.xlsx 234.76 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2018_19_Q3.xlsx 15.57 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2018_19_Q3.xlsx 452.59 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2018_19_Q2.xlsx 145.67 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2018_19_Q2.xlsx 226.86 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2018_19_Q2.xlsx 15.37 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2018_19_Q2.xlsx 431.04 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2018_19_Q1.xlsx 144.38 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2018_19_Q1.xlsx 227.54 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2018_19_Q1.xlsx 16.57 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2018_19_Q1.xlsx 435.45 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2017_18_Q4.xlsx 44.24 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2017_18_Q4.xlsx 227.94 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2017_18_Q4.xlsx 15.85 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2017_18_Q4.xlsx 440.3 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2017_18_Q3.xlsx 47.21 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2017_18_Q3.xlsx 226.21 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2017_18_Q3.xlsx 16.86 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2017_18_Q3.xlsx 437.4 KB
csv Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2017_18_Q2.csv 281.46 KB
csv Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2017_18_Q2.csv 850.5 KB
csv Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2017_18_Q2.csv 24.38 KB
csv Business_Rates_All_Properties_2017_18_Q2.csv 1.54 MB
csv Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2017_18_Q1.csv 812.31 KB
csv Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2017_18_Q1.csv 246.59 KB
csv Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2017_18_Q1.csv 23.07 KB
csv Business_Rates_All_Properties_2017_18_Q1.csv 1.48 MB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2016_17_Q4.xlsx 247.34 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2016_17_Q4.xlsx 135.34 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2016_17_Q4.xlsx 15.89 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2016_17_Q4.xlsx 428.36 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2016_17_Q3.xlsx 256.07 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2016_17_Q3.xlsx 156.29 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2016_17_Q3.xlsx 15.72 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2016_17_Q3.xlsx 430.79 KB
xlsx Business rates - discretionary relief - 2015 Q1.xlsx 18.97 KB
xlsx Business rates_Discretionary relief - 2015-16 Q2.xlsx 18.77 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Discretionary_Relief_2016_17_Q1.xlsx 15.29 KB
xlsx Discretionary_relief_2015_16_Q4_0.xlsx 16.53 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Small_Business_Rate_Relief_2016_17_Q1.xlsx 251.55 KB
xlsx FOI_SBRR_2015_16_Q4.xlsx 240.53 KB
xlsx FOI_RELIEFS_2015_16_Q4.xlsx 190.84 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_Mandatory_Reliefs_2016_17_Q1.xlsx 187.21 KB
xlsx Business rates_Small Business Rates Relief - 2015-16 Q2.xlsx 252.74 KB
xlsx Business rates_Mandatory Reliefs- 2015-16 Q2.xlsx 180.89 KB
xlsx Business rates reliefs - 2015 Q1.xlsx 159.95 KB
xlsx Business rates - reliefs.xlsx 178.54 KB
xlsx Business rates_ all Properties_2015-16 Q2.xlsx 628.21 KB
xlsx Business Rates - all properties - 2015 Q1.xlsx 611.94 KB
xlsx Business_Rates_All_Properties_2016_17_Q1_0.xlsx 426.75 KB
xlsx BUSINESS_RATES_ ALL_PROPERTIES_2015-16_Q3.xlsx 569 KB
xlsx FOI_ALL PROPERTIES_2015_16_Q4.xlsx 429.8 KB
csv Property extract list - April 2015 2.33 MB