Waterloo City Hub (Waterloo Roundabout and Road)

The reconfiguration of Waterloo roundabout to create a central space and make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Graphic illustration of waterloo roundabout with people walking around going about their day
Project status: In development Neighbourhood: Vauxhall and Waterloo

The reconfiguration of Waterloo’s roundabout will create a central space in Waterloo and improve the highway network in favour of pedestrians and cyclists.

The project will overcome historic issues of severance, poor public realm and overcrowded pavements on Waterloo Road. The new layout will enhance Waterloo’s role as a leading transport interchange and a world-class business and cultural destination.

A long-held ambition of all major stakeholders in Waterloo and the South Bank has been the creation of a high quality new central space in Waterloo, providing a central focus and improving connectivity to all parts of the neighbourhood. This ambition was set forth in Opportunity Area Planning Framework of 2007 as a key component in improving the neighbourhood for its residents, visitors and commuters.

The project is being undertaken by TfL as a Healthy Streets project and concept designs were publicly consulted upon during the summer of 2017. These are undergoing detailed design and works will commence early in 2020.

The works will:

  • Greatly improve the pedestrian experience between Waterloo Station and the South Bank 
  • Reduce the dominance of traffic, allowing people to better enjoy the area  
  • Create a healthier and safer environment for more people to walk and cycle
  • Improve the transport interchange experience
  • Create a sense of place with the proposed new greener public square, having the potential to benefit biodiversity, landscaping and wildlife 
  • Keep buses and traffic moving through the area reducing congestion and air pollution

The project involves the current Waterloo Roundabout and Waterloo Road to Baylis Road/The Cut Junction.

Graphic illustration of waterloo roundabout with buildings in backdrop, trees, people and black taxi's
Street view of waterloo with buildings, buses and people communting
Graphic illustration of people walking down street in waterloo

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