Steps to Success Programme

Steps to Success – Supporting Lambeth Care Leavers into sustainable Employment, Education and Training.

Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

Steps to Success is a programme which focuses on supporting Lambeth Care Leavers aged 16-26 into Employment, Education and Training. The programme is delivered by the Drive Forward Foundation.

The Drive Forward Foundation is a charity which supports young adults, aged 16-26, who have left the care system, to find and sustain employment.

The 'Steps to Success' programme is a holistic service, grounded in a relational approach, which provides individuals with the confidence, skills, tools and professional networks so that they can achieve the self-worth attached to finding meaningful employment.

Drive Forward work closely with the DWP Lambeth Care Leavers Leads, alongside Lambeth Council Social Workers and Personal Advisers to receive appropriate referrals from the Children Looked After (Looked After Children (LAC) /Children Leaving Care (CLC) cohort.

All referrals must be aged 16-26 and be NEET or identified as at-risk of becoming NEET. Drive Forward provide holistic employability support to help LAC/CLC young people progress into sustainable employment or further education.

Over a period of 12 months, the project will deliver the following key outcomes:

  • A minimum of 6 hours intensive employment support to 40 NEET Lambeth looked after children/care leavers aged 16-24 including Initial Assessment and development of bespoke Action Plan.
  • Progression towards employment of at least one stage along the five-stage pipeline for 30 NEET Lambeth looked after children/care leavers aged 16-24.
  • Progression into employment, education or training for 14 Lambeth looked after children/care leavers aged 16-24
  • Sustainment of employment at 13 weeks for 10 Lambeth looked after children/care leavers aged 16-24

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The programme is delivered between two locations: Drive Forward – Waterloo Gracefield Gardens Health Centre – Streatham