Our Streets: Thurlow Park

Image of some plants
Project status: In delivery Cost: £200,000 - TfL £150,000 Highway Improvement Programme £50,000 Neighbourhood: Norwood

In 2018, we ran a consultation for residents of Thurlow Park to out which areas the community felt were most in need of improvement. The feedback we received throughout the consultation helped us to decide how best we can carry out these improvements

Our project team, which includes highways engineers and public realm specialists, examined each improvement area to establish some feasible solutions.

Lack of greenery was highlighted as a concern across the ward. To improve this:

  • 50 trees have been planted across the ward, with a further 10 planned.
  • Planters have be installed on Birkbeck Place, Rosendale Road, Ulleswater Road and further planters are planned for Towton Road

A green screen is planned for Rosendale Primary School.

Speeding traffic was also highlighted as a concern. To increase drivers awareness of the 20mph speed limit:

  • Speed indicator devices (SIDS) have been installed on Lancaster Avenue and Robson Road.
  • Speed reduction banners on Lancaster Avenue, Robson Road, Norwood Road.

Further speed awareness measures were installed in Autumn 2019:

  • 20mph carriageway markings and 20mph signs on Lancaster Avenue, Norwood Road, Robson Road and Chancellor Grove.
  • Physical traffic calming measures have been installed on Dalmore Road in the form of three sinusoidal speed humps – completed in January 2020.

Dalmore Road and the wider area to address high vehicle volume:

The Council is aware of the high volumes of vehicles using Dalmore Road. However, we know from past experience that if traffic is stopped from using Dalmore Road, many drivers will still make their journey by car but will divert to other routes instead. Because this would be likely to particularly impact residents of Tulsemere Road and Rosendale Road we need to consider the impact of traffic on those roads. An area-wide traffic volume study is to be undertaken when traffic is flowing as normal. Currently, Thames Water is working on Norwood Road and traffic is being diverted so an accurate picture cannot be gained. The study will be after the Thames Water works are completed. Once we have the traffic flows, proposals will be suggested and residents will be consulted.

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