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We are Lambeth
Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

Lambeth’s borough plan is all about collaboration. It is a set of 4 big ambitions and 20 challenges that we need to work on to make Lambeth the best place to live and work in London – for people from any background.

Through partnerships, creative ideas and collaboration we want to work together to improve the lives of people who live and work in the borough.

Where we are now

Lambeth is a borough of huge diversity, energy and possibility. We have long been home to radicals and reformers, entrepreneurs and innovators - people who work together to help change the lives of others and their own. For hundreds of years, we have welcomed new communities who have left a unique cultural imprint on our borough.

We all know that we are now living and working in a volatile and uncertain world, with increasing and changing challenges, budget cuts to services, an unstable economy and the threat of a changing climate. Local areas need to work in new ways, with strength and creativity to tackle these challenges.

Where we want to get to

Through Lambeth First - a partnership between the Council, the NHS, businesses, community groups and charities across the borough - we have brought together feedback from residents and identified four big ambitions and 20 goals to focus our work together over the next two years.

Borough Plan performance

We are committed to delivering great services to the people who live and work in Lambeth. To make sure we are on track with the delivery of the 20 goals set out in the Borough Plan we constantly monitor our performance against a number of indicators to see how we are doing and where we could do better.

In our performance visualisation you can see the indicators we report on, the targets we have set ourselves and how we are performing against them.

Our Annual Performance Review summarises the progress we have made towards meeting the goals set out in the Borough Plan over the past financial year.


View our Lambeth Borough Plan Goals.

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We've got four big ambitions for Lambeth

a photo taken from above of people sat around a circular table in the Tripod Workspace in Lambeth Town Hall
Sustainable growth: a growing economy that everyone benefits from

Sustainable economic growth will provide opportunities for residents to live better lives and generate the necessary funding for services that support our most vulnerable. 

Railway bridge in Brixton with the words 'come in love' written on it
Communities that are thriving and connected

Stronger relationships and a vibrant community sector, alongside economic growth, will enable communities to thrive. 

A group in a park on a summers day, giving thumbs up to the camera , including a person on a tricycle
People have support to live as well and independently as they can

Public sector partners will reform services to provide and promote care and independence.

View of Lambeth from the top of the London eye
Lambeth is a place people want to live, work and invest

Continuing to make Lambeth a place people want to live, work and invest in.

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