Milkwood Community Park Improvement works

We’ve made a range of improvements to Milkwood Community Park including the children’s play area and more.

Milkwood play area
Project status: Completed Cost: £57,000 Section 106 Funding Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

The council has completed a range of improvement works in Milkwood Community Park, using Section 106 Funds which were available for this scheme. A portion of the funds was specifically for improvement to the Children’s play area. After consultation held from 10 July to 10 August 2018, with the resident’s association and key stakeholders, a list of improvement schemes was developed and works carried out to make the park more user-friendly.

The improvement works to the park included:

  • Remove large wooden play equipment. This equipment is broken in several places and has proved to be difficult to repair in the past.
  • Replace the wooden plane with an accessible roundabout and cradle swing.
  • Remove the redundant wooden trim trail located on the grass area.
  • Replace the wooden trim trail with new outdoor gym equipment. Selected pieces to be installed on the grass area using grass protection under each piece of equipment.
  • Install three new covered litter bins one at each entrance.
  • Remove the redundant cradle swing and renovate the surface with asphalt.
  • Renovate the planters. Four large planters to be re-screwed, levelled, sanded, varnished and topped up with soil.
  • Smaller planters to be built up to the height of the larger planters.
  • Repair the damaged wet pour in the children’s play area.
  • Create a new event area which will be hard-standing, asphalt with painted streetscape to be used by children on scooters or bikes for example.
  • Repaint the mural on the sub-station.

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