Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood - temporary scheme

Temporary traffic barriers stop through traffic, making it easier to walk, cycle and keep up social distancing.

Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Brixton

Part of Lambeth's response to the current pandemic is the creation of a low traffic neighbourhood in the Ferndale area. This is a project that the council had been engaging with the community about before the pandemic as part of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project, but we have had to adapt to the changing circumstances and introduce this temporary scheme as quickly as possible.

Put simply, vehicles can drive to the closure points shown on the map and images below, from one direction or the other, but you cannot drive through. This means that every single property can be accessed by motor vehicle but the streets are no longer suitable as a traffic cut through.

Why we needed to act quickly

Before coronavirus, 71% of people in the Ferndale area mainly travelled using public transport. That is no longer possible due to massively reduced capacity on London's public transport network. As lockdown restrictions continue to be relaxed demand to travel is increasing. If car journeys increase only slightly then our roads could grind to a halt. We need to keep roads and public transport free for truly essential journeys. To support the economy and keep people safe whilst travelling we need to enable large numbers of trips to be made on foot or by bike. The Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood is an essential way of enabling safe travel through this time.

The low traffic neighbourhood is now being delivered in two stages:

  • Immediately creating a low traffic neighbourhood with a temporary scheme (complete)
  • Developing a permanent scheme, which will be informed by engaging with the community and learning lessons from the temporary scheme

Temporary traffic barriers have made the neighbourhood access only for motor vehicles. Pedestrians, emergency vehicles and people riding bikes are able to pass through the barriers, which are enforced using CCTV cameras.

Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood key facts:

  • The whole area is fully accessible for vehicles to travel to and from. Whether driven by residents, businesses, deliveries, or visitors to the area from elsewhere, nothing that has been introduced stops people from driving to and from the area. Their route may change but no vehicles are stopped from accessing the area.
  • Every single street within the area is fully accessible by vehicle. Routes may change but no vehicles will be stopped from accessing any section of any street.
  • We are working with the community to listen to residents’ feedback and we are monitoring the way traffic and air quality changes. We will refine and improve the layout of these changes based on the combination of technical data and community feedback.
  • Less traffic passing through the area creates much-needed space to support businesses and customers, particularly on Atlantic Road, to enable more space to safely distance. In addition to business support grants, we are working with local businesses to enable them to use this space to ensure their survival through this time.
Illustration of Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood map


Share your feedback

Go to https://fdstreets.commonplace.is/ to find out more about the scheme and share your feedback. If you sign up on the Commonplace news page we will send you project updates when public engagement on the permanent scheme begins.

This project is part of our emergency transport response to coronavirus. Find info about the other projects in the programme, including other low traffic neighbourhoods, on Commonplace.

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