Changes to our services due to coronavirus

We remain committed to reducing the spread of coronavirus, so we have introduced a number of measures to protect mourners and staff at our cemeteries and funeral services.

We know that some of these changes will be difficult, however, we are doing everything we can to protect the public and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Funeral services

We have introduced special measures to protect the public and staff when attending a funeral.

On 11 July 2020, the crematoria and annexed buildings re-opened outside of funeral services.

  • To maintain social distancing, only 30 mourners may attend funeral services in our crematoria chapels and by the graveside. This includes any minister or musician.
  • Burial chapels remain closed at the present time.
  • Service books remain unavailable in our chapels.
  • Families are no longer able to backfill graves themselves.

If you are arranging a funeral with a funeral director, they will help you to plan the service based on these changes, and answer any questions that you might have.

These measures are subject to further revision as government guidance changes.

Offices closed to the public

Our offices remain closed to the public and can only be accessed by appointment only from 2 December 2020. Cremated remains may be collected by strict appointment only. We are contactable on 0207 926 4221 or 0207 926 7999 or

Outside of funeral services, the crematorium buildings and annexes will re-open on Saturday 11 July 2020.

This does include memorial areas and the chapel lawn at West Norwood. The Crematorium Book of Memories can be viewed online.

We regret that we continue to prioritise funeral enquiries and bookings at present. We kindly ask that if your query is non-urgent, please contact us at a later date.

Should you visit our sites?

Any mourner who is showing coronavirus symptoms should not attend the funeral due to the risk posed to others. Mourners should also follow the advice on social distancing when travelling to and from the funeral.

If you do attend our sites for any reason, please observe social distancing and take any litter home with you.

All cemetery grounds are currently open to the public during the normal advertised hours: 8.00am-6.00pm on weekdays, and 10.00am-6.00pm on weekends, until 31 October.

Public Toilets When Attending a Funeral

Please be aware that public toilets at Streatham Cemetery remain closed. There is a toilet on site at the entrance to Lambeth Cemetery and at each crematorium chapel.

Face Coverings at The Crematorium and Burial Grounds

Face coverings are required to be worn by law in our indoor chapels by all attending, with the exception of those who cannot for medical reasons.