Discretionary Council Tax Support Hardship Payment (DCTSHP)

Get extra financial help to pay your Council Tax bill.

Who can use this service

To claim a DCTSHP you must usually be receiving Council Tax Support.

You can't claim a DCTSHP if you have reached pensionable age - the amount of Council Tax Support you can claim as a pensioner is greater than that for someone of working age.


When you complete the form you will need to explain your circumstances and why a DCTSHP will help you.

Have the following information to hand to help you complete the form:

  • your Council Tax Support/Housing Benefit claim reference number (this starts with an 8)
  • evidence to support your claim.

Scanned documents or digital photos can be uploaded to your application to support your claim. Ensure all submissions are clear - if we are unable to make out any of the information you will need to resubmit the evidence which will delay your claim.

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