Sexual health

Use this guide to find more information about our sexual health services, abortions, contraception, and HIV prevention and support.

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex, or when the usual method of contraception is believed to have failed (a split condom, a missed pill and so on).

Emergency contraception can be in the form of a pill or an intra-uterine device (IUD or the coil). It can be used within three to five days of unprotected sex. The morning after, or emergency pill (also known as Levonelle), should be taken within 72 hours (three days) of having unprotected sex. However, it is more effective the earlier you take it. An IUD can be fitted within five days of unprotected sex.

it is not a regular method of contraception. It is much better to use a reliable method every time you have sex. It is also best to be aware of the other risks carried by having unprotected sex, like an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual and reproductive health pharmacy

You can also access free emergency contraception at a sexual and reproductive health pharmacy.

Please use the map to find your nearest Lambeth pharmacy offering sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and emergency hormonal contraception.

If you would like to learn more about emergency contraception, please visit the NHS Choices website for more information.

More information about emergency contraception

Sexual Health London

You can access free emergency contraception online via Sexual Health London (SHL).