Mental wellbeing

Use this guide to find information on how to stay mentally well, and see what services Lambeth has to offer when you are struggling.

Emergency mental health services

Below are some mental health services that you can access right away in an emergency situation.

SLaM 24-hour mental health support line

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) has a 24-hour support line to help people who are experiencing mental distress. The line is for patients, carers and anyone who needs advice, help and assistance while in a crisis, or facing difficulties dealing with mental illness.

Solidarity in a Crisis

Solidarity in a Crisis is an out-of-hours peer support service. Co-designed and delivered by people who use services and carers in Lambeth, it provides crisis support over the phone or in person.

They're open Monday-Friday from 6.00pm to midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to midnight.

Evening Sanctuary

Evening Sanctuary at Mosaic Clubhouse is open Wednesday-Sunday, between 6.00pm-2.00am. The service supports people who live with a mental health condition in Lambeth.

People in crisis can talk to staff and peers about how they are feeling, and take part in activities such as exercise and art, watch TV or films, make a snack or be signposted to other services.

To access this service, a sanctuary introduction form needs to be completed by your health care professional, such as your GP or care coordinator.

You can also visit the Mosaic Clubhouse website. This provides information about:

  • volunteering opportunities
  • access to education and employment
  • crisis support
  • signposting to other local organisations.

Suicidal thoughts

Help and support is available right now if you need it. You don't have to struggle with difficult feelings alone.

If you need immediate assistance

If you have seriously harmed yourself, for example, by taking a drug overdose, call 999 for an ambulance or go straight to A&E. Or, ask someone else to call 999 or take you to A&E.

You can also contact the Samaritans:

Men can contact the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM):

You can call 111 for out of hours help to find the support that you need.

For more advice and information visit the NHS web page on suicidal thoughts.

Worried someone else is suicidal?

If you're worried that someone you know may be considering suicide, try to encourage them to talk about how they are feeling. Listen to what they say, don't be judgemental, and ask open-ended questions like: "How do you feel about...?"