Learning, work and volunteering

Use this guide to find information on learning, work and volunteering opportunities in Lambeth.

Learning something new can be a boost to your confidence and is a really good way to meet new people and increase your job prospects.

Even if you just want to learn a skill, or you have an interest in taking up something new, there are several different ways back into training and education specifically for adult learners.

Lambeth Adult Learning works with a range of providers at over 130 different venues across the borough to do this. This includes a range of adult education classes run through local colleges. There are short courses, courses that run over a longer period of time and classes that are held at different times of the day or evening.

If attending college on a regular basis is not suitable for you, then distance learning may be an option. This allows you to study at home and in your own time. Again, talk to your local college about the options available.

Most courses will charge fees.

Find out more about how Lambeth Adult Learning can help you by visiting their website:

Visit the Lambeth Adult Learning website