Paying for care in a care home

Use this guide to help you calculate the cost of your care, or someone else’s, in a care home. Find information on the Personal Expenses Allowance and deferred payments.

Personal Expenses Allowance

If you are living in a care home then you are entitled to a Personal Expenses Allowance of £25.65 a week.

This is the amount set by the Department of Health and is reviewed annually.

The Personal Expenses Allowance is deducted from your assessed charge to find your owed weekly contribution towards the cost of your care.

For example, if your assessed charge is £100, then your weekly contribution towards your care costs will be £74.35 following the deduction of the Personal Expenses Allowance.

The Personal Expenses Allowance is to cover the cost of items such as newspapers or toiletries and it should not be spent on care or support.

Savings Credit disregard

If you receive residential care in a care home and receive Savings Credit, then this will be disregarded up to an amount of £5.75 for an individual and £8.60 for couples. You are entitled to this amount in addition to the Personal Expenses Allowance.