Find independent financial advice

We’re required to establish and maintain financial information and advice on matters relevant to care and support. If you have savings, property, investments or other assets, it’s important to make sure your money goes as far as possible and allows you to plan and make choices for your care and support in the future.

There are different organisations and services that can give you general financial advice, including local and national charities.

There are also professional independent financial advisers that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the official regulator of financial services in the UK.

The FCA keeps a list of these advisers.

What type of adviser do you need?

If you're considering taking regulated financial advice it is recommended that you select an adviser regulated by the FCA with the appropriate qualifications and accreditation.

Some professional advisers specialise in advice about funding care, and they must have passed a specific qualification to do this. These are sometimes called ‘specialist care fees advisers’.

When choosing an adviser, you'll want to be sure:

  • they're qualified and experienced in the type of advice you need
  • what the cost is and what’s included in the cost
  • that you fully understand the terms of any agreement with the adviser.

The Money Advice Service

This is a free and independent advice service set up by the government.

It provides advice about many things, including:

  • care
  • planning for the future
  • funding and paying for care.

You can also get information on:

  • choosing a financial advisor
  • the different types of advisers available
  • financial advisory fees and commission.

You can also learn more about independent financial advice from the sources listed below.