Discounted benefits and income for care assessments

Certain benefits are discounted from your income when your contribution to the cost of your care is calculated.

The following means of income are partially disregarded up to a value of £10 each:

  • Civilian's War Injury pension.
  • Payments to victims of National Socialist persecution (paid under German or Austrian law).
  • Survivor's guaranteed income payment from the Armed Forces compensation scheme.
  • War Disablement pension
  • War widow's and war widower's pension.

If you're receiving residential care in a care home, then the Savings Credit will be partially disregarded. If you receive care in your own home then the Savings Credit will be fully disregarded.

The following means of income are fully disregarded when calculating your contribution towards any type of care:

  • Armed Forces independence payments and mobility supplement.
  • Child support maintenance payments and Child Benefit (except where the accommodation is arranged under the Care Act in which the adult and child both live).
  • Child Tax Credit.
  • Christmas bonus.
  • Council Tax reduction schemes where this involves a payment to the person.
  • Discretionary Trust.
  • Disability Living Allowance (mobility component) and mobility supplement.
  • Gallantry Awards.
  • Guaranteed Income Payments made to Veterans under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.
  • Guardian’s Allowance.
  • Income frozen abroad.
  • Income in kind.
  • Pensioner's Christmas payments.
  • Personal Independence Payment (mobility component) and mobility supplement.
  • Personal injury trust, including those administered by a court.
  • Resettlement Benefit.
  • Savings Credit disregard.
  • Social fund payments (including winter fuel payments).

We'll also disregard:

  • any grants or loans paid for the purposes of education
  • any payments received as a holder of the Victoria Cross, George Cross or equivalent
  • dependency increases paid with certain benefits
  • payments made in relation to training for employment
  • payments made to veterans under the War Pension Scheme, with the exception of Constant Attendance Allowance
  • war widow's and widower's special payments.

Any payment from the following organisations or funds are also disregarded:

  • Macfarlane Trust.
  • Macfarlane (Special Payments) Trust.
  • Macfarlane (Special Payment No 2) Trust.
  • Caxton Foundation.
  • The Fund (payments to non-haemophiliacs infected with HIV).
  • Eileen Trust.
  • MFET Limited.
  • Independent Living Fund (2006).
  • Skipton Fund.
  • London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund.
  • Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme.
  • London Emergencies Trust.
  • We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.