Home maintenance and repairs

Get help to maintain and make repairs to your home if you are struggling, and request a key safe to be installed outside your house.

Keeping your home and garden well maintained can sometimes be difficult, especially as you get older or if you have a physical or health condition.

A well-maintained home can help you to stay in better health and avoid accidents, whilst the garden is often a sanctuary for many people, and can help with mental wellbeing.

If you're struggling to keep up with jobs that need doing around the home and garden, you may be able to get help from some voluntary organisations for smaller jobs. There may be a small charge, or you might be asked for a donation.

If you live in a housing association home or rent from a private landlord, then they're responsible for keeping the home maintained. You should contact them directly for anything that needs doing.

Homeowners can findĀ information on repairs and maintenance in our Homeowner's Handbook.

If you're a Lambeth Housing tenant, read the guidance onĀ Tenants and repairs.