Lambeth Autism Self-Assessment Framework (SAF) 2018

The Autism Self-Assessment Framework (SAF) is a national exercise which assesses the progress being made in implementing the Think Autism Strategy 2014. The 2018 Autism Self-Assessment Framework Exercise (SAF) was the fifth national exercise.

The Department of Health (DoH) publishes the SAF and sends it to Directors of Adult Social Services for a response. The responses are collated and analysed by Public Health England before being shared more widely.


Local Authorities are asked to co-ordinate local responses, seeking views from local partners across health, employment, and criminal justice.


The SAF focuses on 129 questions, covering nine themes. It asks local authorities and their partners to rate their progress using a combination of:

  • red, amber, green (RAG rated)
  • number responses
  • narrative responses.

There are 12 sections to complete:

  1. Contact details
  2. Introduction
  3. Planning
  4. Training
  5. Diagnosis led by the local NHS Commissioner
  6. Care and support
  7. Housing and accommodation
  8. Employment
  9. Criminal justice system
  10. Local innovations
  11. Completion details
  12. Final submission details

Why it's important

The SAF ensures local partnership groups review their current progress in implementing the Autism Strategy guidance. It also helps them to identify future priorities in conjunction with their health partners, other key organisations and with local autistic people and their families.

The SAF also allows the government to monitor the progress of the national strategy being met around the country.

Lambeth's submission

The SAF submission deadline was 10 December 2018.

We submitted our Self-Assessment Framework on time and now await publication. Overall, we had a positive rating and continue to work towards the Think Autism Strategy.

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