Care and support for you

Use this guide to help you work out if you are eligible for care and support, and what to do if your care worker has not turned up.

Referral to Adult Social Care services


If you have higher levels of care and support needs, you may need to be referred to Lambeth’s Adult Social Care.

You can test whether you may be eligible for adult social care using the Age UK Lambeth Directory Eligibility Tool.

If you think you or someone you know is eligible to receive care, please fill in the online referral form:

Complete the adult social care referral form

Concerned about a relative or neighbour?

If you are really concerned about someone's welfare, discuss your concerns with them. If they refuse help, bear in mind that people have the right to decline. If possible, please get consent from the person you are concerned about before contacting us.

We'll need to consider what risk the individual is, as well as whether they have the capacity to decide on their support needs. We would then offer an assessment to decide what the best course of action would be, acknowledging the person’s needs and wishes.

If you are worried about an elderly neighbour or relation who is struggling to pay bills, either:

General questions

If you have general questions about adult social care, or if you are unsure about which steps to take, please complete our general enquiry form.