Employment data

We are committed to maintaining accurate and timely workforce data.

How Lambeth Council is organised

This covers how we are organised, including where services sit and our management structure with names of directors and key officers.

  • Chief Executive
    Andrew Travers
    • Director: Legal & Governance Interim
      Tasnim Shawkat
    • Director: Strategy & Communications
      Paul Bates
    • Strategic Director of Integrated Health and Adults Care
      Andrew Eyers (With CCG)
      • Executive Director Adults and Health
        Fiona Connolly
      • Director: Integrated Commissioning (with CCG)
        Jane Bowie
      • Director: Public Health
        Ruth Hutt
    • Strategic Director of Children's Services
      Merlin Joseph
      • Director: Children's Commissioning & Community Safety (with CCG)
        Abi Onaboye
      • Director: Children's Social Care
        Alex Kubeyinje
      • Director: Education & Learning
        Abrilli Phillip
    • Strategic Director of Resident Services
      Bayo Dosunmu
      • Director: Housing Services
        Neil Euesden
      • Director: Environment & Streetscene
        Venetia Reid-Baptiste
      • Director: Business & Resident Services
        Natasa Patterson
      • Director: Infrastructure & Capital Delivery
        Sandra Roebuck
      • Director: Change & Strategy Delivery
        Paul Wickens
    • Strategic Director of Finance & Investment
      Fiona McDermott
      • Director: Finance & Property
        Christina Thompson
      • Director: Performance & Business Improvement
        Dami Owobajo
      • Director: HR and OD
        Dean Shoesmith
    • Strategic Director of Sustainable Growth and Opportunity
      Eleanor Purser and Sara Waller
      • Director: Enterprise, Jobs & Skills
        Nabeel Khan
      • Director: Planning, Transport & Sustainability
        Rob Bristow
      • Director: Regeneration & Housing
        Thomas Branton