Assets of community value

This new right means communities can ask the council to list certain assets as being of value to the community.

Bids by community interest groups

Who can bid?

Only community interest groups that meet the Government's criteria can bid; not all groups that are eligible to nominate are also eligible to bid.

Community interest groups should have a local connection with the asset and be one or more of the following: a parish council, a registered charity, a community interest company, a company limited by guarantee (which does not distribute a surplus to its members) or an industrial and provident society.

If more than one community interest group is interested in purchasing the property, we would encourage the groups to work together.

How do community groups bid?

Within six weeks from the council notifying the community that an owner wishes to sell their listed property, an eligible community interest group would need to let us know in writing that it wishes to bid. This then opens a six month period (from the day the owner notified the council) in which to prepare a bid; this is known as the moratorium period.

We will acknowledge the request to bid and will notify the owner that the moratorium has been triggered.

The status of the listed asset on the list will be changed to reflect that it is for sale and that the moratorium has been triggered.