Council service standards

Our service standards set out what you can expect from us when you contact us or use our services.

You have the right to expect decent, good quality and easily accessible council services and information. It is our job to make sure that this is delivered.

Our service standards apply to staff.

If you call one of our advertised telephone numbers we will:

  • aim to answer your call within one minute
  • divert our phone to a colleague or voicemail if we are unavailable
  • tell you our department and give you our name when we answer and return your phone calls within two working days or when you ask us to
  • provide a telephone interpreting service if you are hard of hearing, deaf or speak a different language.

If you visit one of our Customer Centres we will:

  • welcome you and offer assistance to help
  • ensure all of our staff are wearing a name badge and can be easily identified
  • provide a pleasant, clean, tidy and safe reception area
  • direct you to the appropriate person or team
  • keep waiting times as short as possible for customers without an appointment
  • if you have an appointment with us we will see you within 10 minutes of your appointment time
  • ensure everyone can gain easy access to our services.

If you send us an email, website form or write to us we will:

  • aim to acknowledge your correspondence within two working days and respond fully within 10 working days
  • update you on progress and advise you when we can respond if we are unable to respond in full
  • provide well-structured responses, using plain language responding to all the points raised.