Have your say on Lambeth’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis

Open date: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 at 1.15am Close date: Saturday, 3 July 2021 at 10.45pm Type: Consultation Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide Category:
  • Environmental services

Lambeth Council is hosting its first Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis from 25th May – 3rd July. The assembly is made up of 50 randomly selected Lambeth residents, representative of the borough on a range of demographic characteristics. By the end of the process the group will make a range of recommendations which will form the basis of a  borough wide Climate Action Plan. We want all residents to engage with this process as it unfolds and act on the recommendations to get to  net zero together.

The assembly is being independently facilitated and will take place online over 6 weeks. Assembly members will learn about the climate crisis in the first phase, hear about possible solutions in Lambeth and discuss the trade-offs from their own points of view. By the end of the consultation process, assembly members will collaboratively develop a set of recommendations for a borough-wide climate action plan.

The Council gathered initial evidence from July-December 2020 to inform this assembly and feed into the council’s plans. Since the pandemic hit, the Citizens’ Assembly has moved online and during this process, residents can watch along and comment on our re-opened Common Place site.

We will also providing material for focus groups with organisations, groups and businesses who would like to engage with the process and act on net zero themselves. If you are interested in this, please contact us by email

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The outcome of the assembly will be a set of recommendations which will form a borough-wide climate action plan. This will be drawn up using the evidence base from the Citizens’ Assembly and the engagement process with residents through Common Place,  focus groups, including people with disabilities and young people.

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