Apply for a sex establishment licence

Use this guide to help you when applying for a sex establishment licence.

Applying for a sex establishment licence

Applicants for sex establishment licences must be over 18. They should also not be disqualified from holding a licence, for example because they have been refused a licence in the previous 12 months, unless that refusal was subsequently overturned on appeal.

Costs for this service

  • Application for a new sex establishment licence: £3,981.
  • Application to renew a current sex establishment licence: £3,278.
  • Application to vary a sex establishment licence: £1,078.
  • Application to transfer a sex establishment licence: £302.

What you need to know...

You must also register your sex establishment with the Lambeth Food, Health and Safety team. This is a free service. Please complete the registration of a food business establishment form.

Applicants will be required to advertise their application by placing a public notice in a local newspaper or similar publication. This is to appear within seven days of making the application.

For applications relating to premises, you must clearly display a notice on the exterior of the premises for 21 days from the date of application. Templates for these notices are provided with the application form.

Download and complete

You can then pay for your sex establishment licence application online.

Pay for your licence application

Once you have done this, please post or email a copy of your payment receipt along with your completed form, drawings and any other required documents to the Licensing Team.