Apply for a premises licence

A premises licence is a permanent licence granted in respect of a specific location. It authorises the licence holder to carry on a combination of licensable activities.

Provisional statements

Provisional statements are effectively provisional licences. These allow an operator to assess the likelihood of obtaining a full licence before committing to the costs of developing a site.

They can be obtained in situations where the premises have not yet been constructed, extended, or altered for use for licensable activities.

Provisional statement application form (PDF, 457KB)

Provisional statement application form (Word, 80KB)

Send your completed form to, along with the accompanying documents and fee.

Provisional statements do not in their own right allow licensable activities to be carried out. However, if a statement has been granted, the licensing authority is obliged to disregard any representations we receive against a subsequent premises licence application. We will do this as long as the details of the application are substantially the same as when the statement application was made.