Apply for a premises licence

A premises licence is a permanent licence granted in respect of a specific location. It authorises the licence holder to carry on a combination of licensable activities.

Application process

What you need to know...

Applications for licences will normally be refused if they lie within the defined area of the special policy on cumulative impact. The applicant will need to demonstrate, within their operation schedule and to our satisfaction, that there will be no negative cumulative impact on the licensing objectives.

You must also register your premises with the Lambeth Food, Health and Safety team. This service is free of charge. For information, please see Register a food premises.


Premises licence application fees depend on the non-domestic rateable value of the premises. This value, which is also used to calculate business rates, can be found through the Valuation Office Agency's search engine. Premises that do not have a rateable value, such as schools, church halls, open spaces or residential properties, automatically fall into the lowest fee band.

Premises licence application fees (PDF, 33KB)

Do it online

Apply online for a new premises licence

You will then be directed to the online payment portal.

Next steps

Notify the police

When you have submitted your application, please send an email to the licensing police at Please provide:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your place of birth
  • the name of the premises
  • the type of application submitted

An applicant will always be required to give notice of their application to one or more responsible authorities, such as the Police, Fire Service, Environmental Health and/or Trading Standards.

Advertise your application

All applications must be advertised in order to allow local residents and businesses to review your proposals and make a representation if they wish.

Premises licence notice (PDF, 780KB)

There are two ways in which you must advertise your premises licence notice by:

  • displaying a statutory notice at your premises for 28 consecutive days, starting on the day after you submitted your application - this notice must be printed on blue paper and be displayed clearly at all times
  • publishing a single public notice in a local newspaper within 10 working days of submitting your application

Failure to advertise your application in accordance with the legal requirements will invalidate your application. It could mean that you have to start the entire application process again.

There is a 28-day period during which any representations in respect of the application may be made. This is from when an application is made for a new licence, or to vary or review an existing licence. Representations may support or oppose the application.

Confirmation of a decision

The licensing authority will usually be able to confirm whether an application has been granted shortly after the end of this period. However, in situations where an objection has been made, the application will usually be referred to a sub-committee hearing to be decided.

Any licence granted may be subject to several conditions, including:

  • mandatory conditions which are set out within the legislation - these apply if the licence allows the supply of alcohol or exhibition of films, or if security staff are employed at the premises
  • conditions consistent with any special measures set out in the application form
  • any further conditions imposed by the sub-committee following a hearing

Public register

We publish a public register giving details of the premises licences that we have issued.