Apply for a club premises certificate

A club premises certificate is a specific type of licence, available only to members’ clubs.

Application process

An applicant will always be required to give notice of their application to one or more 'responsible authorities', including statutory bodies such as:

  • the Police
  • the Fire Service
  • Environmental Health
  • Trading Standards.

For applications for new licences or variations of existing licences, applicants will also be required to advertise the application, both at the premises and in a local newspaper, to alert local residents and businesses.

When an application is made for a new licence, or to vary or review an existing licence, there is a 28-day period during which any representations in respect of the application may be made. Representations may support or oppose the application.

The licensing authority will usually be able to confirm whether an application has been granted shortly after the end of this period. However, in situations where an objection has been made, the application will usually be referred to a sub-committee hearing to be decided.

Any licence granted may be subject to a number of conditions, including:

  • mandatory conditions which are set out within the legislation - these apply if the licence allows the supply of alcohol or exhibition of films, or if security staff are employed at the premises
  • conditions consistent with any special measures set out in the application form
  • any further conditions imposed by the sub-committee following a hearing.

Public register

We are required to maintain a public register giving details of the premises licences that we have issued.

You can view these details at our offices at International House between 9.00am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday. Viewing is by appointment only, so please call us first.

  • Phone: 020 7926 6108
  • Address: International House, Canterbury Crescent, Brixton London SW9 7QE