Complain about a licensed premises

You can complain about premises that are either in breach of their licence or where activities which should be licensed are taking place without a licence.

Premises within the borough that sell or supply alcohol, provide regulated entertainment or sell hot food or drinks between 11.00pm-5.00am (late night refreshment), must hold a Premises Licence (or, for members clubs only, Club Premises Certificate).

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What you need to know


If you make a complaint, your details will be kept confidential and not be shared with any premises - or anyone linked to the premises - as part of any investigation carried out by the Licensing Team.

Complaints that we do not investigate

We are unable to investigate the issues relating to:

Licensing and Planning operate as separate regulatory regimes, and businesses carrying on licensable activities will require both a licence and appropriate planning consent before they are legally entitled to operate.

While the Licensing Act 2003 does include public safety and public nuisance within its remit, it is not the primary legislation in respect of these issues. In the first instance, issues should be reported to either our Health and Safety, Food Safety or Noise/Pollution teams or London Fire Brigade.

Complain about a licensed premises