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Find out how to get a new rubbish, recycling or food waste bin.

New bins

If your property is missing a bin, you can get a replacement. You’ll be asked to enter your address in the order form, then you’ll be shown what bins your property should have. You'll have to pay for a replacement rubbish bin.


If you live in a property with 12 or more flats, you’ll have a shared communal bin. Your bins will be managed by your landlord, so you do not need to order one. 

If you live in a flat above a shop, there is more information about your rubbish in our rubbish collections guide. You'll also be given clear recycling bags for your recycling. These are delivered 6 times a year, but you can order more if you run out before your next delivery.

Food waste collection is not yet available for flats.

Larger rubbish bins

We'll replace your rubbish bin with a larger one for free if:

  • you have a medical requirement that produces extra rubbish
  • there's an increase in the number of people living in your household

Order a new bin

Check how much a new bin costs

The cost depends on the size and type of bin your property needs.

Rubbish bins Price
Small £53.50
Medium £60 to replace, free if we're replacing a smaller bin
Large £80 to replace, free if we're replacing a smaller bin 


Recycling bins Price
Green bin Free to replace
Recycling bags Free, for properties that do not have a green bin yet


Food waste bins Price
Small, kitchen Free
Large, outdoors Free

Garden waste bins  

You will not automatically have your garden waste collected. Instead you'll have to subscribe to this service.

Subscribe to our garden waste collection service.

Buy a compost bin.