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You can get a resident parking permit if you live in a controlled parking zone in Lambeth. You can get permits for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

To apply you must:

  • be a resident in one of Lambeth Council's controlled parking zones
  • spend at least 4 nights a week at the address you give for the permit

If you have a Blue Badge you can get a Lambeth White Badge. This lets you park in disabled bays in Lambeth without showing your Blue Badge, and you can leave it in your car overnight. Apply for a Lambeth white Badge.

Use a different service to order visitor parking permits.

Where you can park with this permit

This permit is for on-street parking only, not car parks or parking on council estates. You can only use it to park in the controlled parking zone where you live.

Find out how to buy a different parking permit for council estates.

Vehicle restrictions

Your vehicle must be less than 2.3 metres high and less than 5.5 metres long.

It can be a:

  • motorcycle
  • car
  • van
  • bus with no more than 8 seats

Number of permits you can apply for

Each permit is for one vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle, apply for a permit for each vehicle. 

There is usually no limit to the number of permits in each household, but there is a limit for some new multiple occupancy premises. You can check if there's a limit for your household when you're applying.

Before you start 

You'll be asked to set up an account on the Lambeth parking website using an email address and password.

You'll need:

If we cannot find your vehicle on our system, we'll ask you to upload some extra evidence about who owns the vehicle and proof of your new address. You have up to 30 days to do this.

Apply for a resident parking permit

What happens next

We'll send you your e-permit by email. This means your vehicle is now registered, and you do not have to display anything on your car. The parking wardens will check our database and see that your vehicle is registered. Find out how to use your e-permit.

Problems with applying

If you're having problems with applying, contact the parking team